Monday, 13 August 2012

9-12th august

12th Den Helder
Decided to cycle to Harlingen, crossing over the Afsluitdijk dyke. It was a really strong headwind on the way out- it was relentless cycling. Harlingen was quite nice and after suitable refuelling we headed back, looking forward to the tail wind over the dyke. We cycled up a slope which I will classify as a hill for todays cycle. A strange day, but lovely.

Highs – nice stop for our last days
Lows – our last days
Note – where’s the time gone

 11th Den Helder
With our plan to lsland hop scuppered we tried to enter a 10km race on Vlieland, but it was full. So a day on seeing the sights and a jog along the amazing dyke.

10th Texel
Got the ferry across to the island and had the whole day out. It should have only taken about 3hours to cycle but once you include cake and coffee stops the day just seem to extend. It was a beautiful day, the skies were blue the sand was white, very much like a tropical island, but the sea was chilly.

9th Den Helder
Wandered round the town to get our bearings and try to understand the ferry system to the islands and if they are road cycle friendly.

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