Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bonnie Scotland

Chapter one complete!
Well we hope we can enjoy even more adventures. So rather than say it's the end it really is the start of something new! 
It has been a fabulous time away with many adventures and dreams achieved. We are really grateful to have been given this opportunity and realise that this trip would not suit everyone, but I cannot think of a better person to have spent this time with (lucky that!).
Since last weekend have cycled, swam, ran and climbed and hope we can continue as work begins.
Of all the beautiful places we have been to this is still one of the best.

Thanks for reading our diary hope you have enjoyed it.
Lawr & Wend (&Myfanwy) x


  1. A brilliant read. Glad you had such a great adventure and it is fab to have you home!

  2. it's nice to be back and thanks for following our blog :)

  3. As the other follower of the Blog I need to add my thanks for the stories. Glad to see some photographs. Well done. We will look ahead and see if we can do something similar. After only 3 weeks in our van we would love to continue for more. Keep in touch.

  4. Thanks for keeping up with as and putting us up on our travels. Yes even after 4.5months we could have gone on and on and on.. thanks for the postcard :)