Monday, 13 August 2012

5-8 august

8th Bad Neuenahr
So after a we run around the local area and a roasting shower (the first time the water heater has been tested on electric) we are on the road again. We head to the flat lands and make a detour over the dyke between Markermeer and Ijsselmear. Park at the marina at Den Helder where we will spend the remaining days of our trip.

Highs – dyke, posh loos and showers
Lows – where’s the hills
Note – feel like we should be swimming even though we are on land

7th Bad Neuenahr
Went for a wee run to see Arweildhr. It is a pretty town and the Ahr is very pretty too. Went to the pool which was just next to us, where Lawr and I felt overwhelmed by the larger than life Germans. Post clean we managed to watch the Olympic triathlon. With Lawr suitably inspired he is now looking for another event (although not sure Lawr’s brother Pete will be keen on the swim).
Made it to RAF Bruggen which is now the Javelin barracks. Lawr asked for a look around but we would have to get a taxi and the guard on the gate said it was so run down it wasn’t worth it. Lawr was a little disappointed, so we went to an old haunt of his and he had a Jaegerschnitzel.
Parked up and went to find ‘the pub’. Lawr had trouble remembering the place, but not sure id that is age or beacasue he was usually tired and confused. In the ‘the pub’ we had a few, but couldn’t believe that everyone was smoking!
Wandered back to the van, but got lost, thankfully it was a lovely night for a walk.

Highs – beer, ‘the pub’
Lows – the biggest and most active RAF base after 30years is a rundown army depo.
Note – do trips down memory lne become more frequent with age?

6th Bad Neuenahr
So after getting info from sis from the place to visit (she lived here for some years) we cycled along the Rhine to Koblenz. Interesting route on varied surfaces with varied scenery. We finished at the monument where the Rhine and the Mosel meet, where there is quite a flow. Not wanting to follow the same route back we chose to go west over the hills. Once we eventually got out of Koblenz it was a pretty route back, although I would have thought a head wind on the way out woul mean a tail wind on the way back?!
Back at the can we were ‘set’ upon by Ernest a retired economic teacher. He grilled us about teaching in Scotland and everything seemed similar until he mentioned German teachers get 70-75,000euros a year.
Eventually, once Lawr had been lured to Ernest’s van to inspect his handy work on his internals, we went for a beer and food in a traditional German establishment called Killybegs! Lawr said he has been there. Strange sitting in an Irish pub in Germany listening to Lawr’s account of his fish catching.

Highs – cycle
Lows – lost in Koblenz
Note – have to check with Derek about the fish catching.

5th Ravensburg/Bad Neuenahr
Bit of a lazy start to the day, so instead of the prompt get away the day consisted of, dicht bike using a trough, dip in lagoon, dried clothes, dodgy road side loos, delays in roadworks, wils goose chase to stellplatz, arrived in thunderstorm at Bad Neuenahr. Very late, so Olympics watched in bed.
Highs – post race relaxation
Lows – road works
Note – holidays and time keeping don’t go together

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