Monday, 13 August 2012

3rd -4th Ravenburg

4th Ravenburg
Woke to the sound of much activity as the triathlon was being set up.  The water side was completely transformed with red and white tape.
There were a number of kid’s races and this lot were serious. Great to watch.
Next up was us. We had to find a translator to check we didn’t miss anything.
The start was a complete rammy of people as we all lined up in the water and along the beach. It was elbows, fists and feet to try to stay your line to the buoy. No wetsuits as the water was 24degrees. I could see Lawr on my right and tried to stay with him until some breaststrokers cut me up at the buoy and hemmed in and nowhere to go I took a few kicks to the ribs before I could get some space. It was a good swim but not sure it was 1500m.
Both into transition together, but Lawr out ahead on the dry cycle route. It wasn’t long before the later starting sprint athletes zipped by on their aerodynamic machines.
Lawr suffered a bit on the hills and I was working my socks off to catch the ladies ahead. On the second lap I could see Lawr and we came into transition together. The run was good, but we found our times slow, although most times seemed that way. (4lap run route).
I heard my name on the tannoy as I came across the line and not far behind was Lawr.
Post-race swim coffee and cake and watched the winners ceremony. We both did well in your age group and I was surprised to find I had picked up a medal in my (old) age group. As I came forward to collect my medal the announcer started to sing ‘You drive me crazy..’ Didn’t think he knew me that well!
Tried to slack line but was pants, (tired legs?), Lawr was pretty good though. Back to stellplatz and watched J Ennis win gold.

Highs –triathlon trophy
Lows – Lawr’s hills, knackered but couldn’t sleep
Note – if you need to take anti-inflammatory’s before and after an event is it time to give yourself a rest?

3rd - Lindau
Nice stop at busy Stellplatz and travelled back to Ravensburg. We went to look at the triathlon cycle route. It was beautiful (although we may not be saying that on lap 2 tomorrow). It went through the farmland of fruit and hop growing. Lawr returned to his childhood and aquired a pear from an overhanging branch. Went to register and check out the water temperature for tomorrow - 23degrees! All looks good. Warm evening.
highs - cycle route, pear
lows - horseflys
note - trees seem to affect our olympic coverage

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