Friday, 3 August 2012

1st August - Meersburg

So the last month has arrived. We decide ´celebrate´ the last months by a cycle round part of the lake, then get the ferry back over to the van. It´s a beautiful cycle, although for part of the way we have to use the family friendly path, so progress is initially slow, but quite flat. As usual we get shouted at but have no idea why. I mean Lawr doesn´t even have his Welsh shirt on today. We cycle from Germany to Austria to Switzerland (for the first time without visiting George!) then back to Germany.
From a bikes point of view we found, the German´s very considerate and patient with cyclists, The Austrians would run you off the road and the Swiss are very polite even when you are in the wrong!
We thought we were getting shot at today as some twit set off bangers and threw them out the car window. One whizzed across the road under Lawr´s bike. Unscathed we caught the very quick and free ferry back to the van. This however was not without incident. Coming down the metal steps Lawr´s cleat cover came off and he slipped, thankfully stopping just before knocking me over too, but leaving behind some skin and blood. I did my Florence Nightingale bit and applied stinging stuff to the wounds. Never mind Lawr nothing broken...
highs - lovely cycle
lows - being ´shot´at, Lawr´s encounter with trip snipper
note - great place for anyone to come and explore

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