Saturday, 25 August 2012

13th-17th holland and home

 17th Aberfeldy/port glasgow
While the lads enjoyed fabulous weather, a fantastic fishing trip and a mackerel massacre I got ready for the triathlon. Joined by two others from crieff we warmed up in the warmish waters of the loch. As I entered the water I suddenly couldn't remember if I had locked the van and then for the whole race drank most of the peaty loch water. On the bike, although I avoided the potholes and punctures, my tribars came loose but it didn't hinder the beautiful cycle. The run was just survival and more undulating than I remembered! Nonetheless a beautiful triathlon on my doorstep. Gave two french hitchhikers a lift to Dunkeld and enjoyed chatting and trying out my french! Short conversations..

16th Home
Lawr and the fishermen headed off for the yacht and I got packing for Aberfeldy triathlon.

15th Home
waking early we had a long breakfast and sat in the van before beginning to disembowel Myfanwy. It wasn't long before Lawr's fishing chums started to arrive. My Dad brought Otis (chihuahua/dachshund cross) and it filled the dog gap a little, then suddenly things seemed nice and busy again.
It was an evening swim in loch earn as 4 of us paddled about. Lovely..
Not quite ready for the photo as we pull some faces and Derek is caught looking for sharks

14th Lake district
As the ferry pulled in the sea was calm and the air warm. We gently then loudly reminded each other which side of the road to drive on. Lots of roundabouts to encourage rapid learning! Across to the lakes we unpacked the bikes and cycled the Helvellyn Triathlon bike course. This Tri is the only UK one in the worlds hardest top 10 Triathlons. Apparently the swim is skull crushingly cold (have they ever swam in loch Tay, the cycle takes in The 'Struggle' and the weather can be treacherous, have they ever cycled in the Scottish highlands and the run up Helvellyn where 3 people have died in the last few years, OK we'll give them that one.)
Anyway the wind was warm and the roads were undulating and the struggle was a bit of a struggle. Until Glenridding it was dry then we had a free shower over the last 7miles, saved having one in the van.
Before driving home we visited friends at Penrith and eventually got back home for midnight.
Taking only the essentials from the van we headed to bed. Couldn't sleep though as we had a slight agoraphobic feeling!

13th Heemskerk
The morning was spent getting lost (directed by a friendly clog wearer) in the dunes trying to find the sea.  We eventually ended up on the lovely beach at Heemskerk then gradually found our way back to Myfanwy via some highland cattle.  We met with a friends brother and family and shared a long and pleasant chat before packing up and heading to the ferry.  Our cheerful satnav had great fun sending us up cycle paths and asking us to hover over various watery inlets.  She was obviously finishing her trip off with a flourish.  She nearly got a quick swimming lesson!
After kibbling and chips we boarded the ferry and enjoyed a smooth crossing.

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